SD-EDGE Management

Out-of-Box Edge Device Management

Up and running in DAYS!

SD-EDGE Management solution is a AI-enabled secure, enterprise-grade, edge infrastructure and IoT device lifecycle management solution that provides complete visibility and control over all IoT edge assets.

Scale to support and manage millions of edge devices using customizable "Digital Twin" models specific to your use cases & industry.

SD-EDGE Management
EDGE Intelligence

Discover and manage your heterogeneous devices at the Edge using learnt patterns

Proactively track vulnerabilities, anomalies, configuration drift, data integrity of your Edge

​Threat & Intrusion detection, mitigation by quarantining/access revocation

​ML models at the edge​

SD-EDGE Management
EDGE Device Lifecycle Management

Discover your edge assets across H/W, OS & Protocols

​EDLM: Discover, Plan, Onboard, Configure, Monitor, Manage, Secure, End-of-Life your devices

​Zero Trust onboarding, certificate based identities, connections, TPM support

​Orchestrate workloads at the edge on containers / bare-metal OS and VMs

SD-EDGE Management
Data Ingestion and Insights

Ingest & Orchestrate data from edge devices & applications

​Eliminate data silos. Automate data pipelines 

​REST APIs integrations with leading enterprise systems

AI Ops for ML models deployed to the edge


  • Eliminate heterogeous complexity with simplified abstraction
  • Extend & maximize your edge investments
  • Single platform to support OT & IT stakeholders