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SD-EDGE is about simplifying the management and operation of the Edge by creating a "programmable edge layer" that decouples the Edge IoT hardware and point applications for interoperability, security & unlock valuable edge data.


Edge is getting impossible to manage with millions of devices,  variants of OS, protocols, applications & vendors. Eliminate complexity, expense and nightmare

Do you know what’s at your edge & which ones are vulnerable?

Can you manage them collectively in alignment with IT & Infosec policies?

What are your costs of poor QoS, Operational Inefficiencies and downtimes?





Do you have a simple unified view into your edge data that serve diverse stakeholders (IT/OT)?

Are you utilizing edge data for high-impact purposes like Predictive Analytics and Preventive Maintenance? 



Create new businesses by getting out of the data deluge & silos by unifying all your edge data sources


Is your Edge AI-enabled to sense, learn & react intelligently?

Are you able to predict incidents, threats and events in real-time?  

Find patterns, operational inefficiencies, save costs & create new monetization services?




Enterprises need low-latency, AI applications at the edge. Discover, Monitor, Secure and Intelligently react to events at your customers edge's Principles of Software-Defined Edge 

Abstract underlying H/W, Protocols, OS

Unified data ingestion & workflows

Run anywhere (@Edge – G/Ws, VMs)

Rich Business Context, Prioritization & Impact

Intelligent capabilities to discover, manage & secure edge assets 

Programmable edge monitoring and actions

AI capabilities @ Edge, for high computational & low latency workloads

Support cross-organizational use cases



OUR STORY was founded by a team that has experienced the pains of building and managing complex digital infrastructure, and who appreciate the stories of unsung heroes, like security professionals, people who maintain conference room equipment and struggle with their customers’ complaints due to equipment that need updates, inability to manage complex pieces of connected equipment, continuous monitoring of performance and being caught by surprise when equipments fail.


In an increasingly connected and sensors driven world striving for digital transformation, critical infrastructure is evolving beyond private / public cloud, to the edge, an intelligence driven edge with 100’s of smart devices and sensors.


The founding team have built critical infrastructure that had to scale, ingest and digest significant amount of data and derive meaning from the data using AI/ML to deliver business decisions and insights.  The same principles apply to management of complexity of the edge.


The edge comprising complex mix of devices, sensors, connectivity and data generation technologies need to be managed: at scale, securely and in tune with expectations of business owners.


The world needs a “Software Defined Edge”: A platform that can be managed through software constructs, standards driven and hides the complexity of diverse vendors’ devices, applications and myriad sources of data in order to present a standardized user layer to manage all these entities at scale and with applied business intelligence. offers the only “Software Defined Edge” that covers the largest number of device categories and devices in the world and enables management of the entire lifecycle of the edge.

OUR TECHNOLOGY’s INFER, software defined edge platform offers unparalled support for the widest variety of devices, sensors to be managed, at scale and consistent with enterprise policies.  The platform is capable of running in private, public clouds, hybrid, distributed and on-premises.


INFER’s AI/ML technologies help assimilate the exabytes of data to create meaningful insights that help prevent downtime and further, enable corrective remediative actions when things go wrong.




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