An AI powered, "Edge Intelligence" and "Lifecycle Management" platform to streamline your Operations

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SmartHub’s solutions have enabled Enterprises to leverage their Edge environments to increase revenue, bring efficiencies to operations, improve safety and reduce digital vulnerabilities by automating enterprise risk management processes using IoT and AI technologies. 

Edge Intelligence Platform built for Enterprises

Edge Visibility

Out of the box visibility to all Devices in your Edge environment.


AI enabled categorization of the properties of all devices at your Edge.

Highly Scalable

Manage through the complete lifecycle of devices at your Edge.


With one of the world's largest repository of Device templates from different manufacturers and multiple protocols, reduce the nightmare for your OT & IT teams.

Secure Infrastructure

Real-time scanning of vulnerabilities exposed by your devices.

Security and Remediation Controls for your IT & InfoSec teams - find and fix issues at the edge

Rich Integrations 

In-built secure integrations to your Enterprise's Monitoring & Workflow Applications.

Empower your OT & IT teams with data from the Edge in their native applications.

SmartHub INFER Solutions

INFER IIoT Center™

React to  edge data from your business assets by defining and reacting to policy based alerts impacting business risk.


AI based models to suggest next best reaction to avoid proactive failures.


INFER SafePlace™

Create safer work environments and better comply with global, regional and local regulatory guidelines by leveraging the edge sensing environment

INFER SafePlace™

INFER Asset Intelligence™

Discover and manage your heterogeneous devices at the Edge using millions of known patterns.

Proactively track vulnerabilities at the Edge.

INFER Asset Intelligence

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