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& Access Management

Device Management for Physical Security systems.
Proactive Defense! 
In security world, the securing devices (Surveillance Cameras, Badging systems, people counters, & turnstiles) are often the most vulnerable.
Establish unified protective intelligence to identify, secure and prevent physical harm to company and human assets.
Configuration Drift & Vulnerabilities

Integrate heterogeneous cameras from different vendors

Assess risk scores and perform automated vulnerability management

Prevent downtimes through Intelligent compatibility analysis between components 

Certificate & Credentials Management

Provision, manage & track certificates across device categories

Align device credentials management with enterprise policies

Threat modeling through learnt SIEM events & ML Models

monitor (3).png
Orchestrate Workflows

Integrate with leading ticketing systems of choice – JIRA, ServiceNow, SmartSheet, & Zendesk

Flexible architecture to orchestrate events, alerts & workflows across systems

Automated remedial actions

  • Prevent accidental malfunction or deliberate misuse of devices due to non-standard configurations & settings
  • Identify potential threats to minimize company's liabilities
  • Simplify complexity in managing & securing heterogenous security devices
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