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CONNECT, COLLECT, ANALYZE & OPTIMIZE plant conditions, process 
Create ”bite-sized” workstreams and deliverables that quickly deliver business value.  Example:  Connect machines and create visibility dashboards that can generate actionable insights at plant level. Work on loosely coupled tiny system components that are independently replaceable and tweakable with loosely coupled, API based interfaces that will reduce the risk of your budget evaporation and churn rates. Execute on Process Engineering & Optimization, integrations with SAP, MES systems with no additional costs.


Plant Floor Visibility

Establish baseline understanding across machines on the plant floor for insightful visibility. Connect, Collect, Monitor & Analyze data from machines & other IoT devices / sensors. Alert & send notification for threshold violations, improve operational efficiency and optimized energy consumption.

Roll-out Computerized Maintenance System
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Implement Quality Management System
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Optimum Planning & Scheduling
Advanced AI/ML Dashboards

Optimize processes, IT strategy, equipment and people based on plant floor learnings. Create Dashboard for all machine data feeds with modern data architecture & analytics, AI & ML-based. Tactful visual-insights for Operational Efficiency (Availability), Assets Intelligence, downtime analysis with a complete data transparency

KPI results
Advanced analytics for performance based operations
Datasets dashboards for performance monitoring and reporting
SAP & MES Integration

Iterative & agile incremental integrations to your ERP / MES. Refine processes to eliminate inefficiencies and feed plant floor data into SAP through API integrations between SmartHUB INFER and SAP.  Make effective business schemes for your dynamic production planning, budget controlling & framework optimization with “smart” inventory & Cost insights. Use the MES Integrations to obtain the  Predictive & Prescriptive maintenance operations for your plants by sd-edge Energy Consumption Analysis.

Inventory & Cost Insights 
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API integration
for data feeds
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Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance
Plant Automation

Deliver an intermediate data-exchange (data lake) that provides insights about production floor, facilities and most importantly, machines behavior, patterns and variables impacting OEE. Enable real-time
/scheduled periodic data collection from machines, equipment, production resource tools, utilities like power, compressed air, fuel, etc., for multiple purposes. e.g. tracking health parameters of machine
/components for preventive & predictive maintenance, actual production, consumption of utilities etc.

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Bi-Directional End2End2 Automation
Process Engineering & Optimization
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Automated Responses based on AI/ML based data analysis
  1. Improve Operational Efficiency
  2. Improve Productivity by capturing and minimizing hidden losses 
  3. Maximize Asset Utilization 
  4. Monitor Energy Usage 
  5. Digitally connected Machines at shop floor 
  6. Improvement in Data Transparency 
  7. Get Preventive and Proactive actionable inputs and execution 
  8. Get time specific alerts and periodic reports
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