INFER™ Suite

Simplify Edge Management’s INFER™ product suite is a set of AI-enabled products that "Connect the dots" in an enterprise’s edge journey.

Simplify the complexity in connecting & managing your edge environment and leverage the valuable data from the edge to achieve meaningful capabilities like predictive analytics, preventative maintenance, continuous compliance, and risk management. For OT & IT needs.

INFER™ products support on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments. Scale to millions of devices

INFER™ Suite

SmartHub EDGE INTELLIGENCE™ offers out-of-box discoverability and visibility to all devices in your edge environment with zero disruption to your operations. Our AI allows analysis & categorization of devices, properties, settings and vulnerabilities, across diverse protocols, thereby helping you gain a comprehensive understanding of your IT/OT network topology. 

If you don’t know what is on your network, what will you secure? If you can’t control, how will you continuously detect, patch & fix vulnerabilities?

INFER™ Suite

SmartHub EDLM™ (Edge Device Lifecycle Management) is a comprehensive platform for the entire lifecycle - Discover, Plan, Onboard, Configure, Monitor, Manage, Secure & End of Life. EDLM is feature-rich with capabilities like advanced authentication, onboarding, preconfigured templates, campaigns, AI-alerts, workflows, adapters, Identity & Access management, security management, etc. This allows enterprises to shave implementation time by as much as 75% and realize quick time-to-value. 

AI/ML models in our edge compute containers scan for vulnerabilities, configuration changes, changes in data patterns and anomalies in real-time, thereby allowing faster isolation/quarantine & remediation of bad actors. Our single pane of glass for IT, OT & other stakeholders allows users to view, manage and act on both control & content planes.

INFER™ Suite

SmartHub CONNECT™ brings connectivity to devices and assets at the Edge via purpose-built adaptors. We support both agent-based & agent-less ways of discovering, onboarding, collecting data, sending commands and OTA updates of software/firmware/BIOS. Irrespective of Vendor, OS, CPU Architecture and programming languages, our pre-built adaptors (or custom ones) allows you to be up and running within a few days vs. months

INFER™ Suite

SmartHub PREDICT™ focuses on big data analytics, predictive analytics and preventative maintenance. Our unified data platform, supports data collection, ingestion & analytics from any data source (Edge telemetry data, Enterprise, External) & formats - structured and unstructured. 

With our Predictive Analytics, identify anomalies, gain actionable infrastructure & business insights, thereby optimizing operations & KPIs through ML based models & AI. AI-driven predictive failure analysis of devices, sensors, and preventative maintenance insights allow better planning for maintenance, repair work & ordering critical equipment to prevent expensive downtimes. Secure your Edge through vulnerability detection and remediation using AI-based Behavior Analytics & Threat Intelligence.

INFER™ Suite

SmartHub FLOW AUTOMATION™ brings a rich set of integrations (via REST APIs) to leading vertical-specific & enterprise systems. This allows Edge data to flow seamlessly across automated workflows, within the enterprise and to external ecosystems. We support integrations with Enterprise ticketing systems of choice -  JIRA, ServiceNow, SmartSheet, Zendesk, SIEM/Incident Management Systems - RSA Netwitness, Splunk and RPA platforms like UiPath, Automation Anywhere.

INFER™ Suite

SmartHub REG-O-PEDIA™ helps achieve continuous compliance using your edge data. Achieve visibility to edge incidents that might result in potential regulatory compliance violations or safety hazard situations. Bring accuracy, specificity & context to edge incidents - for better compliance, safety, & remediation. Be better prepared for audits & prevent expensive violation penalties.