Smart Workplaces

Create amazing employee experiences
Bring together multiple employee facing EDGE devices
A modern workplace uses a variety of employee focussed devices such as security cameras, audio video equipment in conference rooms, heating and cooling systems, cafeteria systems, parking management devices and many more.

With our software you can build a workplace of the future in a tiered and phased manner. Start by ensuring always ON IoT devices by continuously monitoring and maintaining them. Draw  deep insights from existing devices and past data. Evolve into intelligent management with AI driven models to minimize & predict downtimes. 

Build a Unified IoT endpoint management capacity with complete visibility, security and Zero Trust EDGE infrastructure.

Enhance employees productivity and safety through new employee facing applications and use cases, leveraging your investments in EDGE devices and enterprise software.

Bring in continuous learning and optimization of your workplace with deep learning and AI/ML ops for continuous operational efficiencies. Bring in best of breed personalized employee experiences by bringing together digital devices, manageability of such devices, existing enterprise software and existing Human specialists.

Let our platform enable your next generation workplace.
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Smartly Manage

Smartly manage multiple categories of digital devices- Physical security, AV devices,...

Total visibility & control to your EDGE/IoT infrastructure

Set golden settings for devices and discover configuration drift from golden settings & vulnerabilities

Prevent expensive downtimes due to failed upgrades & incompatibilities

Quarantine compromised AV devices & bad actors



Automate & schedule device health check sweeps across devices and device categories

Get essential & critical alerts through communication platforms of choice - Email/Slack/MS Teams/SMS 

Automate reboot sequencing & workflows of devices (such as AV) for self-healing

Check & enforce compatibility across AV component variants 

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Integrate to ticketing systems like JIRA, ServiceNow, SmartSheet, Zendesk,

Integrate incidents, alerts, audit logs & configuration drifts into SIEM systems - Splunk & RSA RISM

UPTIME/DOWNTIME for your global workplaces

Create AI/ML models based on historical data of anomalies & remedial actions

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Create Wow Experiences

For your employees, visitors, vendors

Tailored experiences which require seamless integration across systems

Hybrid workplaces including changes due to pandemic

Leverage your existing investments in smart devices, enterprise software, human specialists.



  • An evolved, smart, safe and productive workplace leveraging all your existing investments
  • Bring together technology, people, wellness to create best of breed workplaces
  • Accelerate your digital transformation of the workplace without worrying about device manageability, integration. 
  • Identify potential threats resulting from vulnerable devices, to minimize company's liabilities
  • Simplify complexity in managing & securing heterogenous devices & systems