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  • Sanjay Rajashekar

When IoT allies with AI - Devices go Intelligent

“By 2022, more than 80 percent of enterprise Edge initiatives will include many AI components” · Gartner Artificial Intelligence enables the devices to simulate human activities based on the recordings of the past. When AI is coupled with IoT, the devices become smarter. This synergy saves human efforts by eliminating their intervention all day long. SmartHub's Machine Learning models leverages the massive volume of data deluge happening at the Edge to identify nuggets of data which have business value. This facilitates the managers with a lot of insights about the devices. This saves hours of time in finding the cause of the critical issues and solving them within a short span of time. AI predicts before it happens The best part of artificial intelligence is that it aids Facilities & Building Operations Management personnel with an alert on an issue that might occur in the near future. All the data are recorded and stored in an on-premise server or in the cloud. These recordings of past issues will predict the probability of such issues and perhaps, outline a simple risk management process. This can avert unplanned downtime and save organizations significant money, effort, and lost productive time. Facilities Enablement Team - you ought to check this! If you are from the facilities team/IT operations/ IT support/CXO team struggling to, · Monitor all the edge devices at one hub; · Ensure smooth functioning of the teams; · Secure the employee data; · Improve operational efficiency; · Predict issues before they occur; · Reduce human intervention for redundant or low-intensity issues; · Increase productivity, avoid downtime; · Reduce operational and maintenance costs; · Avoid safety related accidents and potential liability costs Contact us at You might be missing the one go solution to all your maintenance problems!

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