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  • Sanjay Rajashekar

5-Step Process for Managing Edge Assets

1. Gain Visibility

  • Gain visibility to all IoT Edge assets across Enterprise’s global operations

  • Characteristics like firmware, applications, location, IP etc.,

2. Establish Zero Trust Policies & Identities

  • Publish policies for Edge/IoT asset identity, access & management control – in alignment to Enterprise’s policies, standards & procedures

  • Review existing state, procedures & gaps

3. Secure Edge Assets

  • Secure IoT Edge device endpoints: configuration setting, vulnerabilities, performance telemetry

  • Create Identities, certificates & credentials

  • Weighted risk score

4. Roll-out Automation & Orchestration

  • Dashboards & reports

  • Automated workflows, alerts, remediation process

  • Continuous Auditing/Monitoring of Activities on Devices @ Edge

  • Orchestrating response back to other connected end points/systems

  • Integrate with Enterprise Workflows / Ticketing Systems

5. Resilient & Intelligent Operations

  • AI based Predictive Models for maintenance of the devices

  • Anomaly detection ML models in performance of the devices/systems

  • Anomaly detection ML models for misconfiguration

  • Anomaly detection in drift for zero trust security compliance

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