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Rapid Time-to-Value

Industry Solutions


Future workplaces & facilities are evolving to living, breathing and sensing environments that are responsive, intelligent & self-healing for business continuity and resiliency. 2020 proved that we need to take a much comprehensive approach to providing safe environments. SafePlace™ solutions supports over 250 use cases, meeting the needs of diverse stakeholders like Facilities Management, Business Operations, Physical Security and IT


Dream the digitization leap for your manufacturing unit and deliver them with SD-EDGE solutions with no operational friction. SmartHUB sd-edge solutions for manufacturing operations utilizes the variables and the analytical data to predict the impact of your production process.’s ABUP (Agile-Bottom-Up-Process) delivers foundational device connectivity with focus on machine connectivity, visibility
to real-time data & analytics.


Enabling AI based solutions for Healthcare Enterprises leveraging existing devices and Infrastructure. Shift the remote monitoring to value-based care by leveraging
the synchronized data analysis using SmartHUB. With the advent of smart sensors and edge computing, prevent device anomalies, send real-time alerts to health care providers. We are bringing the analytics for your data, not the other way around. Using the comprehensive analysis, you can provide effective, convenient and humanized communication to the patients and providers.

SD-Edge solutions tailored to your industry enables accelerated time to value; from strategy to realization of your transformational journey. Solutions to specific challenges in each industry need deep understanding of domain, business context, edge infrastructure and insights.  INFER™ offers industry-specific OOB (Out-of-Box) capabilities that bring relevancy, context & templates for shorter deployment times, cost savings and new monetization opportunities.
Focus on what you do best and we'll help you with what we do best!
Modern workplaces require a different approach to manage, secure and operate. Requires additional capabilities beyond facilities management for business resiliency, human safety and security (physical & digital worlds). Expectations on employee experiences, seamless data exchange between sub-systems and flexibility of operations has exponentially increased. Solutions need to address needs of multi-stakeholders - Operators (Real Estate, Facilities Management, IT, Physical Security & Operations), Employees & Visitors  
Safe Places



Establish Baseline & Maturity Models

OSHA & other Regulatory Guidelines

Ongoing Assessment & Benchmarking

Digital Edge Infrastructure  & Physical Facilities 

EDGE Management

Discover & Onboard

Detect & onboard devices at scale, across sensors & gateways protocols, H/W variants & operating systems.

Manage & Monitor

Millions of devices & sensors health across your edge infrastructure. Identity & Access across organizations, Groups, Users & Roles. Alerts, notifications & Actions for edge incident remediation. Campaigns for patches, & updates


Extensive security profiles & certificate management. Secure onboarding & Authentication via Token, TPM, Zero Touch. AI-based Anomaly and Intrusion detection at the edge


At Edge devices level via INFER IoTC Agent. Surface incidents, alerts, notifications, audit logs in enterprise systems via REST APIs integrations


Singe Pane View

Gain single integrated view & insights to your operations across facilities sub-systems/applications and connected edge infrastructure 

Command and Control Center

Manage & monitor resilient operations, workplace utilization, alerts & remediation through integrated architecture & data pipelines from Edge to Enterprise 

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent expensive downtimes and business impact through our AI, ML & DNN learning on potential equipment failures

cctv (2).png
Edge Infrastructure
  • Devices, Things, Gateways

  • Surveillance Cameras/CCTV, AV, HVAC, IAM devices, 

Smart Workplace + Scheduling + Flex Desking
  • Schedule, manage bookings for Flex Desking.

  • Forecast demand for occupancy & services based on historical & real-time trends

  • Visualize occupancy heat-maps & spaces to perform what-if analysis

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Co-relation of IAQ levels to Occupancy

  • Heat maps of IAQ levels at various floors

  • Correlation to outdoors data, etc.

Smart Hygiene Management
  • Correlate Footfall to floor Occupancy Stats

  • Forecast cleaning frequency based on events

  • Usage Heat maps to optimize on cleaning events, etc.

  • Utilities cost optimization

Building & Energy Management System
  • "Logical Measurement , Verification Score, a Score for Performance KPI based on Equipment.

  • AHU  trend with respect to Occupancy of building and Calculation  consumption.

  • Calculation of average number of alarms with respect to different time slots for facility manager. 

  • Calculate the total energy saved by using solar heaters instead of Electrical Heaters

  • Develop user-based energy consumption model. 

  • alternate energy use( solar), grid displacement, CO2 offset, generation patterns 

  • Usage models for budgeting.

  • Forecast consumption for next 5 days by taking ambient temperature and actual unit as parameter.

  • 80/20 rule ( Pareto efficiency ) for all devices in order to check the power consumption for a given date range.

Shuttle Pass + Team Transport + Move in Sync
  • Forecasting Usage

  • Scoring Routes based on Employee usage

  • Location capturing during the scanning

  • Daily/weekly/monthly report dump of shuttle usage

HVAC Efficiency & Energy Optimization
  • Enable data driven responsive heating and cooling technologies 

  • Perform Proactive Maintenance 

  • Use Al/ML predictive maintenance & Energy Optimization

  • Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

  • Real-Time Alerts & Monitoring for IT

Water Management 
  • Monitoring and controlling of water supply/consumption. Dimensions could be per employee / per sqft

  • Monitor water quality using sensors to adhere to health guidelines

  • Real time visibility to water availability

  • Reduce wastage by stopping overflows and leak detections

  • Improve the operational efficiency by automation and reducing manual interventions

  • Monitoring of auxiliary units like Sewage Treatment plant & Water Filtration plant

Waste Management
  • Monitoring and controlling of waste generated. Dimensions could be per employee / per sqft

  • Compost/recycling/ landfill/ incineration

  • Leak detection to avoid contamination

  • Optimizing collection interval based on capacity thresholds and forecasting using AI

  • Improving the operational efficiency by automation and reducing manual interventions using AI models trained on historical incidents

  • Monitoring of auxiliary units like Sewage Treatment plant & Water Filtration plant

Let’s make your time count with a custom demo. We will show how we can solve one of your everyday problems.
  1. Improve Operational Efficiency
  2. Improve Productivity by capturing and minimizing hidden losses 
  3. Maximize Asset Utilization 
  4. Monitor Energy Usage 
  5. Digitally connected Machines at shop floor 
  6. Improvement in Data Transparency 
  7. Get Preventive and Proactive actionable inputs and execution 
  8. Get time specific alerts and periodic reports
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