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AI Edge Solutions for Healthcare 
Massive digitalization in healthcare is fast evolving from localized administration to hyper-connected fabric of devices & information for better patient care management & operations. Adoption of IoT devices in healthcare is growing exponentially.
Hospitals, Nursing Home & Medical Professionals look for responsive infrastructure to remotely monitor & manage vitals in order to provide timely medical attention. 


Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

With the  current pandemic, there has been a significant adoption of  telehealth and remote monitoring solutions.  Address your patients' on-demand health needs by leveraging AI based solutions with your existing devices and infrastructure. Use SmartHub’s device management to capture device data and provide effective comprehensive data analysis and provide effective communication to the patients and providers.

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Patient’s Vitals Monitoring & Alerts
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Wholistic, cross-provider delivery of patient care
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Predictive analytics for
Dashboards for device health, alerts & actions
Radiation Zone Safety

Detect people & radiation levels in sensitive zone to prevent potential harmful hazards. Send real-time alerts to technicians & doctors in the vicinity. Manage, patch & secure your waiting room & patient room IoT devices like cameras, density monitors & radiation detectors.

Vicinity Occupancy Monitoring & Alerts
Monitor incidents, device health and radiation levels
Predictive maintenance of equipment
Vaccine & Medicine Handling

Monitor temperature, humidity, stock & health of your critical refrigeration units storing sensitive medications like vaccines, biological samples & plasma. Avoid expensive losses & violations due to improper storage.

Health of the refrigeration units
Audit preparedness
Monitoring & Alerts on Temperature, Humidity and Stock
Connected Ambulances

Share your patient medical records in varying formats and sizes, including high-resolution X-rays, scans and diagnostic-grade video and imagery because of 5G networking’s high-speed connection to the medical personnel. 

The connection supports video conferencing between caregivers in the ambulance and receiving hospital.

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Preventive Maintenance Insights on health of the devices
System data from ECG Monitors & ventilators
Send analyzed critical data such as PIP, PEEP, Rate, Flow, Inspiratory time, Normal Beats, Arrhythmia Beats, etc.
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Nursing Homes, Senior Living, Hospitals
  • Avoid huge losses due to improper storage
  • Safety Compliance and avoid Violations. Reduce Liabilities
  • Leverage existing devices/sensors already deployed in your organization 
  • Can expand to Satellite hospitals
  • Optimize the availability of specialists
  • Increased capacity to handle patients
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  • Better care for Patients
  • Following Safety procedures
  • Can accept remote patients
  • Proactive care
  • Know your patients after they leave your office
Insurance Companies
  • Usage insights on claims
  • Telehealth becoming a norm
  • Address Claim fraud
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