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AV Management

Streamline Audio Visual Infrastructure Management
Enjoy flawless AV experience
Monitor & maintain heterogeneous AV components to avoid costly downtimes and deliver elevated user experience.
Manage your AV devices health with AI driven models and device metrics, to minimize & predict downtime.
Increase your AV team's productivity through automated device sweeps for 
vulnerabilities, periodic room scans & perform diagnostic loop tests
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Automated AV Health Check

Discover AV devices, configuration drift from golden settings & vulnerabilities

Get essential & critical alerts through communication platforms of choice - Email/Slack/MS Teams/SMS 

Remote Diagnoses & Remediation

Automate & schedule Zoom/AV room health check sweeps across AV peripherals  

Integrate to ticketing systems like JIRA, ServiceNow, SmartSheet, Zendesk,

Integrate incidents, alerts, audit logs & configuration drifts into SIEM systems - Splunk & RSA RISM

Compatibility Matrix

Check & enforce compatibility across AV component variants 

Prevent expensive downtimes due to failed upgrades & incompatibilities

Self Healing

Automate reboot sequencing & workflows of AV devices for self-healing

Create AI/ML models based on historical data of anomalies & remedial actions

Quarantine compromised AV devices & bad actors

  • Prevent accidental malfunction or deliberate misuse of AV devices due to non-standard configurations & settings
  • Identify potential threats resulting from vulnerable AV devices, to minimize company's liabilities
  • Simplify complexity in managing & securing heterogenous AV devices & peripherals
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